5 Reasons to Study in Germany


Germany is one of the most welcoming and pleasurable countries to live in. Is it no surprise then that students from all over are clamouring to get a place at a German institution? Let’s find out why.

1.       You’ll be living in one of the strongest, most well-governed countries on Earth

Okay, okay, this perhaps isn’t the most enticing reason to move to a particular place, and Germany’s governance isn’t absolved from criticism. But living in such an efficient and organised place has upsides that aren’t always easy seen or understood.

They have an excellent recycling programme, clean streets, reasonable living expenses, little crime and are a leader in climate and energy policies. At least a third of Germany is currently powered by renewable energy.

The job market is also very strong and wages are relatively high. If you can speak German or have an EU passport, jobs can often be easy to find, especially if you plan on staying in Germany for a while.

If not though, do not fret, there are lots of opportunities for students to find short-term work while staying in the country- check out university job centres and university bulletin boards to start with.


2.       Historically significant and culturally diverse

Again, not the most enticing, is it really? ‘Historically significant’. That’s one of those great phrases because it means different things to different people. History is what you make of it and so on. But that’s what is so great about Germany. So much has happened there. There really is something here for everyone.

Germany is sometimes known as the ‘land of poets and thinkers’, or das land de dichter und denker. Goethe, Hesse, Nietzsche, Marx, Hegel, Beethoven, Bach and the Brothers Grimm were all German. And those are just the first that spring to mind. A place that produces so many great minds must have some hidden secret, no?

It also has more cultural hotspots than any other country. With 6200 museums, 820 theatres, 130 professional orchestras, 8800 libraries and innumerable places of historical importance, there is much to absorb and learn here.

Plus, the football there is amazing. And the fashion. And music. And food… Autobahn. See? Something for everyone.


3.       Great set-up for overseas students

English is commonly spoken, and is frequently taught in German primary and secondary schools. It is estimated that around 56% of the population have English as a language. Which is pretty useful if you’re interested in learning English. And let’s face it, that should be everyone.

Germany has an excellent educational record. Every German city you can think of has, at the very least, one university ranked among the world’s best. There are 15 German universities in the world’s top 250 and 31 in the top 500. This establishes Germany well within the world’s higher education elite. Wherever you choose to study, you will find yourself in a top-class institution. Nifty.

Also of note is that undergraduate degrees are free, even for international students! Tuition fees are also fairly low if you’re interested in a Master’s, or a short course. All the more pennies to buy bratwurst, I guess.


4.       You’ll develop as a person

Germans have a reputation for being prompt, efficient and calculated. They are also known to have a very strong work ethic, an infectious one that will improve you as a person and help you not only in the workplace, but also in your personal life. You will pick up these habits over time by simply being in Germany.


5.       It’s cool! Have you not heard how cool Germany is?

Berlin is the cool capital of Europe, replete with artists, musicians, students, backpackers, ex-pats and other pioneering people of all shapes and sizes. Leipzig has seen similar growth recently, with a thriving creative scene, lots of green spaces and a high quality of living. And cafes, don’t forget. Lots and lots of cafes.

Ever since the early 90s, Germany has had something of a cultural explosion, with young people, and students in particular, at the forefront. Trendy businesses, street art and a new wave of fashion and design have made Germany one of the coolest places in Europe.

And if you ever worry that you may not be cool enough to live there, just remember that these people are some of the most loved and respected in all of the land:

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