How Success and Adventure Are Intertwined


It’s often tempting to take the safe route through life. People are generally risk-averse, especially when it comes to education or employment (expensive, [typically] important parts of life). The temptation is to always take the tried and trusted option.

But what if there were a choice to be made that was adventurous but also (mostly) free of risk? (Not even having a shower is free of risk, get over it). One that will improve your chances of success while realising a long-held dream at the same time?

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. That’s not to say it will be easy, but what in life that’s worth it is?

Studying abroad, whether it be an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, a PhD, or even a short course is an opportunity few people get, that is a means of exploring the world while simultaneously improving oneself and future employment prospects. Not bad for one swing of the bat, eh? Two birds, one stone etc. etc.

Choosing to study internationally is a big step, but that’s why events like Global Education Fairs exist, to aid those looking to improve their education and future prospects.

Why should I choose to study abroad?

Many students realise that employers value international experience, while of course the value of seeing the world, exploring oneself and becoming enveloped in a new culture or language cannot be understated.

So, so many students take the straight-forward option and remain close to home without looking further to the future and do not see the personal value in studying abroad.

When you move to study, you’re expected to make new friends, join particular groups or classes, perhaps even find a new job. These elements are essentially true wherever you go to study. Are these things fun? Generally, no, but you do them because it makes you better. It’s character building.

Once you realise that, what’s to keep you? A lonely moment at home is a lonely moment in Prague is a lonely moment in Hong Kong is a lonely moment at home once again. If you free yourself of the shackles of familiarity, you realise you really can go anywhere you like. The first step is to your upcoming Global Education Fair. Register here for free (shameless plug not quite over).

Character is forged through resilience. You know who said that? Me. Just now.

Perhaps I’m not being clear enough. Imagine two scenarios. OK, so maybe you go to study in, say, Auckland. You don’t know anyone. You get a bit sad. You get to know them. You’ve improved, see how that works? What if you can’t speak the language and you study in Valencia? You don’t know anyone. You can’t even speak to anyone. You get a bit sad. You meet other foreign students. You learn a new language. You’ve improved even more than the Auckland-You. See? It’s not easy but it works.

Which course should I choose?

Where? When? How? The course you choose is one of the most important steps you’ll make in your career. Your life is like a running machine you see; you’re constantly moving forward (even though you stay in place, but let’s ignore that for the moment). Choose wisely, and you’re allowed to continue. Otherwise, someone may throw a shoe at you (figuratively speaking); you fall off and have to get back on. That’s what life is… like.

Your choice will be decided by a myriad of factors: your interests, your family, your financial opportunity, your common sense, your bravery. Representatives at the fair can help a lot with these decisions. You just have to prepare yourself and understand the types of options you have before asking. Unfortunately, no one will be able to decide for you. Here’s an easy thing to start with though: where are you interested in studying?

The United States, Canada, France and India are among the most popular destinations, but students are also inclined to favour the Malaysia and the UK while Europe and Asia in general remain well liked. These are, of course, general suggestions. Choosing a country to live in is one of the most unique and personal decisions you can make. If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you’ve already had ideas and that deep down, you’ve already stirred the pot of self to see what comes out.

No one expects you to sign the next portion of your life away on the spot at these fairs, by the way. These are chances to explore possibilities and dream of what may come next. The representatives will be on hand to give you information and help you apply if that is what you are committed to. There are also options to apply through agents, but for now, just imagine the possibilities and the potential you could be fulfilling by taking this brave, bold step.

How to prepare for the fair

Has your interest been suitably piqued? Despite the tumult and delight that follows from deciding to move and study overseas, there are still moments of calm for you to broadly take in your options. One of those is that fair I’ve mentioned a few times now. You know, the one we’re promoting? I don’t know if you noticed.

Ahem, so yes, some things to prepare you before you go:

  • Make sure you register, first and foremost. It’s free, was that mentioned?
  • Prepare some questions. Don’t forget, this fair is about doing everything we can to help you make the right decision. But in order for the institutions to help you out, it’s best if you prepare a list of questions that you feel you need answering and help yourself first.
  • Retain some perspective. Choosing a course can be tricky enough, let alone deciding which international location you’ll next jet off to. The decision may not be an easy one to come to. But remember you are embarking on a journey most people would kill to be a part of! Travelling and studying are joys always, even though they may not always feel that way. Bear that in mind, maintain some patience and you’ll be a lot happier for it.

So there you have it. If you’ve made it this far well done. But there’s a little more to do. Be bold, be adventurous and you will be a success before you know it. A great man once said ‘Character is forged through resilience’. It brings a tear to my eye even now. Remember those great words and don’t forget to join us. You may even get to meet me. I’ll be the one handing out advice no one wants to hear.


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